"Les ombres" a TV3 (cat)

El Canal 33 emet una versió curta (65min) de "Les ombres" en l'espai “El documental”:

Radio France Internationale – Interview with Oriol Canals, by Hernán Rivera (es)

Interview with Oriol Canals by Hernán Rivera (in Spanish)

See RFI Web page

ACID support text for Cannes 2009

The strength and originality of Sombras (Letters from the Shadows) is that it gives a voice to illegal immigrants as they tell their stories, full face, to their families back in Africa. These audiovisual letters home form the structure of the film. Scraps of shattered lives. A brief journey from the shadows into the light. Catharsis. Speaking directly to us, looking us in the eye, they hold up a mirror to whatever is left of our humanity.
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